Cesare Lucido

I'm a passionate software engineer specializing in full-stack web development. Currently, I work at Better.com as a software engineer within the Partnerships team.

Previously, I studied computer science at Stony Brook University, where I was a developer on the Wireframer Project, as well as an Academic Technologist. Feel free to explore my GitHub containing personal projects and explorations. You can contact me via Email, LinkedIn, or Twitter for any inquiries.

Selected Work


Web application for text editing, featuring real-time collaboration between multiple users. Built with Docker, TypeScript, React.js, ShareDB, and MongoDB


Collaborated in a team of four to develop an application where users can create comics, along with community interactions such as rating, subscribing, and commenting. Built with TypeScript, Next.js, React.js, and MongoDB


Community-driven cereal database project where users can create, read, update, and delete cereals, with comment sections underneath each cereal.

Smid the S'more

A second try at a Discord chat-bot, but this time with Python! This project was originally created for Hackbeanpot 2021.


Multi-Purpose Discord chat-Bot with commands such as weather reporting, QR-code creation, and dice-rolling.